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Estefanía Carrero

Estefanía Carrero’s projects are extremely sophisticated, but also very relaxed in style. She started her interior design career many years ago under the arm of Don Pascua Ortega, one of the top interior designers in Spain, as well the Sevillian decorator Javier González Sánchez-Dalp, and renowned Peruvian architect Jordi Puig.

In 2007 , Estefanía opened her own studio with the opportunity to work in her native Spain as well as in Lima, Peru.  Currently, she runs her well known studio out of Madrid with an array of high end residential projects, offices, and hotels, amongst others.

Estefanía’s  projects are very well received and have been published in some of the best Spanish magazines such as Architectural Digest, Nuevo Estilo, Interiores, Casas in addition to some of the top blogs that (like ours) are focusing on interior design.

Without a doubt, Estefanía has earned a great place in the design industry in Spain under her own merit and voice.  Her work and design processes are as unique as her glowing personality.

Estefanía seems to have a holistic approach to her work.  In her own words, “every project is a new opportunity to grow as a designer and as a person, while having the happiest of clients as a result of this”.

Are you ready to see some of the most beautiful interiors? – well I am!  – I’m also eager to start my chat with Estefanía…

Interiors by Estefania Carrero

Iván Meade – What was your first experience with design?

Estefanía Carrero – My first experience with design was from my mother.  She used to have a design studio in my hometown and every minute I had available I would go there and help her.  This is one of my fondest memories!

Interiors by Estefanía Carrero

Iván Meade – Who or what has influenced your personal design style?

Estefanía Carrero – My life in general, the day to day, my travels, meeting different people, and of course, the great designers (which I call the teachers) that I have had the pleasure of collecting many of their books!!!

Interiors by Estefanía Carrero

Iván Meade – What is the value of design for you?

Estefanía Carrero – For me, the value of design is to serve the client in the best way, while offering the best aesthetic possible.

Interiors by Estefanía Carrero

Iván Meade – You had the opportunity to do an internship with one of the most awarded interior designers in Spain: Don Pascua Ortega.  What was the best lesson you learned from him?

Estefanía Carrero – The best lesson I learned was the understanding of how the industry works, the respect of the space, and how to always consider the light.  I learned a lot, he was instrumental for me to have a solid base in design, how to grow professionally and how to develop my own sensibility as a designer.

Interiors by Estefanía Carrero

Iván Meade – What do you enjoy most about being a designer?

Estefanía Carrero – I love creating spaces that are unique, magic worlds for the clients; spaces where they can be comfortable while improving their lifestyle and needs.

Interiors by Estefanía Carrasco

Iván Meade – Many of our readers are design students – What would be the best advice you can give to someone who is starting a career in design?

Estefanía Carrero – My best advice will be to never lose interest, and the illusion.  You are always learning in this industry, and you should have the goal of learning something new everyday.

Interiors by Estefanía Carrero

Iván Meade – In your humble opinion, what do you think every home needs?

Estefanía Carrero – You really need to identify with your space.  It needs to reflect who you are!

Interiors by Estefanía Carrero

Iván Meade – Your projects are extremely sophisticated and well curated.  I believe this is because you are a master in constraint, but also this is due to the sense of balance you create with the symmetry of the elements, edgy materials and an extraordinary sense of proportion.  How do you achieve this while maintaining your signature style?

Estefanía Carrero – I really plan and study every one of my projects, always dreaming about what the end result will be really helps you to visualize!

Interiors by Estefanía Carrero

Iván Meade – Another aspect that I found very interesting in your projects is the fact that the art and sculptures in your projects are extremely well selected. Do you work around the clients’s collections or you suggest specific art to your clients?

Estefanía Carrero – We get both types of clients.   Clients that have their own art colection, and others that don’t.  Either way, first of all we understand the needs of the space and the best way to display the art.  If the clients don’t have art we are happy to help and guide them to start their collections and bring a unique voice to their spaces.

Interiors by Estefanía Carrero

Iván Meade – What has been your favourite project so far, and what would be your dream project?

Estefanía Carrero – To be honest, all of my projects are my favourites (projects are like your kids, you cannot have a favourite one).  Every project is unique, and every one has taught me a different lesson.  Some projects are more complex than others, but I always tackle them with  the same energy and with the mindset that they are a great opportunity to create something really special.  The ideal project is always the new one, the one that will give you a new opportunity!

Interiors by Estefanía Carrero

Iván Meade – What is next for Estefanía Carrero?

Estefanía Carrero – Right now I don’t really know – that is the beauty of the future: the mystery!!! But whatever is coming, I will tackle it with joy.  Right now I have some projects on the go and new projects for the future, so little by little we are growing our clientele.

Interiors by Estefanía Carrero

Iván Meade – Lastly, you have already created a stunning body of work with many mediums and styles. What would you like your legacy to be?

Estefanía Carrero – This is something really clear in my mind, happy clients!!!

I invite you to visit Estefanía’s website and enjoy more of her stunning body of work:

Photographs courtesy of Estefanía Carrero y Nuevo Estilo