About lifeMstyle


LIFEMSTYLE is an online resource designed to inspire others with achievable ways to live their best lifestyle.

LIFEMSTYLE provides its readers with the tools they need to inspire themselves to live their best life everyday, in every way. Using the team’s collective resources as interior designers, graphic designers, web-developers and all-around enthusiasts of beautiful things, LIFEMSTYLE was created to share all of the experience, connections and knowledge the team has accumulated.

LIFEMSTYLE was created as a culmination of the many facets of the founder, Iván Meade’s business ventures, including his multidisciplinary design studio, Meade Design Group (established in 2002) and his personal line of namesake art, fabric and accessories (2009). It has always been a main focus of Meade Design Group to create a sense of symbiosis within the local design community; with the creation of LIFEMSTYLE, Iván Meade and his team have extended that relationship to the global design community as well as the general public.

Resources are shared via interviews with key players in the design world, recipes, trend reports, creative concepts, stunning product finds and short articles. These assets are multi-platform based and can be accessed via the website, app, or quarterly issued e-book to help reach as many people as possible. In addition, LIFEMSTYLE and its contributors are very active in the social media community, and can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. If readers enjoy what is shared on LIFEMSTYLE, they can partake in a more tangible way, including various e-classes and products.

Content is published with a holistic view in mind. Encompassing all aspects of achieving your best life with a sophisticated yet achievable approach. Regular features include such categories as home, art, life, business, fashion, travel, food, leisure, technology and community.

LIFEMSTYLE’s goal is to help more people live their best lifestyle, and enjoy doing it. Doing so does not need to be costly or hard, people just need the right tools, and LIFEMSTYLE is here to help.


LIFEMSTYLE always strives to give credit where credit is due. Each product, concept or image that is borrowed will be credited to our best ability. Any credit omission is unintended, if you see something that should be credited, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will rectify the note immediately. Sponsors will always be disclosed, if you are interested in contacting us for a sponsored post, please get in touch via our contact page.