Design is definitely my passion.

I consider myself very lucky to be making a living, doing what I love for 20 years now. If you asked me where it all began, I would have to say my first memory of design was one Christmas, at 6 or 7 years old. My mother was running late and asked me to set the table for her. I remember making the nametags, creating Xmas arrangements, coordinating napkins and other elements from all around the house and bringing them together to form a great tablescape. It is here that I believe my love and appreciation for beauty and details in my surroundings was formed.

I’ve also always had an interest in community and entrepreneurship. As a youngster, I started many businesses during the holidays. Thinking I was making the best decision for myself, I went to business school. I enjoyed creating businesses and all of the steps behind the scenes that went into building something from nothing, but I remember finding myself drafting floor plans in class, thinking how I could improve the flow of the school, or just endlessly redesigning my own bathroom.

After I finished my business degree, I decided to discover the world and refine my English; what better place to start than Victoria, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada?

Then something changed. I met someone who changed the direction of my life for the better. I decided to change my own life as well, and do what I love to do the most, which is design. In 2002 I rooted myself in Victoria permanently, and started Meade Design Group Inc., a multidisciplinary design studio in the heart of downtown.

From labouring for nearly 16 hours on a cake at home, or designing interiors for an ESL school, to designing logos for businesses in England, I was in my element. Having a creative outlet and clients who appreciate my work made a world of difference. I felt as though I was truly where I was meant to be, surrounding myself with people and passions that I truly enjoyed spending every day with; it didn’t matter what I was working on, as long as I was making something new. I was happy.

Now that technology and social media is moving at a much more accelerated pace, the variety of communication venues allow everyone to learn more and see more without breaking the bank or leaving the comfort of your own home. I am a firm believer that good taste is a cultural product so you need to educate yourself on a global scale. For me, technology gave me an opportunity to form friendships and expose more of my own passions and personality to a larger community. It also gave me the opportunity to make connections internationally, and interview some of the best designers around the world.

I have always found that the design community can be very supportive but also very secretive – worried that they may give away their key to success and help the competition. But in my mind, there shouldn’t be competition. There is a niche for all of us. This is one of the reasons I wanted to create LifeMStyle – an online resource for designers and design aficionados that helps answer questions, share cool finds, and rejoice in great experiences. No secrets.

My mother used to say “Find Luxury in what you touch every day”. For as long as I can remember, quality has been my obsession. Quality within my means. At LifeMStyle, we believe that everyone can explore and play with their creativity. Using a new colour on the wall to convey a feeling, or how to brand yourself for success. Our homes and our business are extensions of our life, and should convey our personalities and lifestyles every bit as much as our wardrobes do.

We are creating a community of design lovers and a showcase of how design can change your life. We hope that LifeMStyle will become a source of inspiration and a place where we can share our thoughts with one another.   I want to share this mindset with anyone who will listen. With LifeMStyle on your side, you will have the tools you need to improve your lifestyle to be the best it can be.

Iván Meade, C.D.P.
Editor-in-Chief of LifeMStyle- Founder of Meade Design Group Inc.