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Yesterday was the official launch of “Poppets”, a very creative game app based on the wonderful poppets that my uber (The ultimate, above all, the best, top, something that nothing is better than.  Also Über) talented friend and former architectural designer Sarah MacNeill created from her Koo and Poppet collection.




It is a pretty addictive game, I must say. Although, I am not a gamer myself I have to admit that I have spent some time (a couple of hours, actually) last night playing non-stop and enjoying the wonderful illustrations that Sarah created for the game.  The premise of the game is to guide Ollie, Kit, Pip, Wink, and Poe (the most lovable misfits) on a fun and incredible flying adventure through the tree tops of magical lands.  You’ll definitely need some fancy flying skills to get your Poppet safely across the finish line!  




Damn! This girl is so so talented! I am so incredibly proud of Sarah, and to see what talent, patience and determination can create. Congratulations Sarita!!! – I see great things coming your way!!!

Do you remember the custom Koo & Poppets that Sarah made for us back in 2008? – Koo & Poppet invades the studio – I was pretty fortunate then as I got the most incredible duo Mr.Willy and Mr.Nilly.  After the success that I can see this game will have; I must keep them in a safe place (I see the word collector here).  After all they were specially created and sewn by Sarah MacNeill herself!


Ivan and Nilly


I wish Mr. Nilly was part of the game , but I guess he missed the opportunity to be in the game as he was keeping me company in my sweet dreams.  Jezzz!, …By the way, where is Willy?